My First Puppy Bath (Massage Monday #423)

Today I’m visiting my friend who works with a German Shepherd Rescue and she fosters German Shepherd puppies before they get adopted.

Right now she’s fostering a mother and a litter of eight puppies. I used to have a German Shepherd so German Shepherds have a special place in my heart. And I’ve been seeing videos like this.

Your eyes open yet honey? I’ll lay you down with other pups ok? Find some food.

And I’ve been wanting to visit them before they get adopted. You know I love taking bath and I found my new favorite bath. I call it a Puppy Bath.

They’re probably hungry. Let’s see if I can get mother Etta feed them. I’m starting to name them. I’m supposed to give them all names that start with “E”. Why? That was the way they told me. They get letters. Thye get the “E” letters.

Isn’t that crazy? Crazy cute. She hardly lays down any more. Puppies are not done. I know. So I have to like I said I’m weaning them so that means I have to go. I have to make them milk. A milk combination.

I’m going in. Hi guys. Oh my gosh. Puppies. Hey no more pooping ok guys. No more poops. That’s the rule. No more poops. They can’t do that. I know right. They have no control.

So let’s see if I can massage every single one of them. Ou ou ou no biting no biting. They have such sharp puppy teeth. No biting no biting no biting. Who’s crying? No biting no biting. He’s biting my toe. There’s no milk there. Don’t bite. Don’t bite.

Ok so since they are rainbow color coded, I’ll start with the red. I’ll go with ROYGBIV order. Oh ok the red is busy. The next one is orange. Orange. Hi. Hi orange. Hi sweetie. Ok It’s kinda hard to have order here. They’re so cute. Oh my gosh. Big one. Big boy. So red and black are the boys. The rest are girls.

You’re the yellow. You chewed up your collar. Ok ok. I don’t know why they are going to my toes. Green green. The next is green. Where is green? I don’t see green. Are you green? Oh yeah you’re green. Hi green. GBIV B B B blue. Blue one’s on my toes. No. The blue one’s biting my toes. No biting no biting.

The next one is indigo but there’s no indigo so I’ll just go. The next one is the violet. The red one has the belly for me so I’m rubbing the belly. Hi violet. They’re so soft. Oh someone’s pooping.

Here’s my other view. Oh someone’s biting. Someone’s biting. No no biting. No no no no biting. No no no no no no. Don’t bite don’t bite don’t bite don’t bite. Oh my gosh. Ou ou ou no biting no biting. Thank you thank you. There’s no milk there. I didn’t do it. You did it. Ok no biting gray one. Oh there was gray one not the white one. Hi so massage you. Someone’s constantly nibbling on my toe. What what what is it tasty?

Thank you guys for the nice puppy bath.

Now they are available for adoption (along with many other older puppies that need sweet home) ♡

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Nibbling on my toes hurt but it was so healing and my heart is full. And it can’t get any cuter than this. If you know any place where I can try a kitten bath please let me know!

Massage Monday #423 – My First Puppy Bath