My Worst Massage Ever (Massage Monday #568)

I recently had a massage by a male massage therapist. As soon as he started spreading the lotion on my back he said “Oh you have a very soft skin.” I said “Thank you” but it just didn’t sit right with me. It actually lingered on for the rest of the massage session. I don’t know why it didn’t sit right with me. I thought about it over and over again. Was it because it was a male therapist? Was it because it was the first time with him? Or was it the way he said it? I still don’t know why.

While I don’t have a clear answer it reminded me of the worst massage session I’ve ever had. I mean worst legitimate massage session because I’ve walked into a questionable massage place by accident before.

About 30 Years ago, I was in Hawaii so I wanted to try Lomi Lomi which is a sacred Hawaiian massage. 

In the 90s there was no internet so I booked the one I found at a rather expensive hotel called Ritz Carlton. 

A Caucasian male therapist was assigned to me and as soon as he saw my body, he said “Oh you have a long torso!” It just so happened that back then I used to hate my body shape and he nailed it. Needless to say I was very upset and sad the entire Lomi Lomi session. There was nothing sacred about it. 

By the way, now I love my body which functions very well with flaw and all even if I over-work it many times.

I’ve given thousands of massages and I have seen all shades and all shapes of body and all kinds of tattoos but I wouldn’t say anything about them. As human beings, we are all meaning making machines. Even if I think what I’m saying is a compliment, there is no guarantee that it will be received as a compliment and I don’t want to cause any unnecessary emotional stress when someone is on my massage table like I experienced in Hawaii.

So I’m curious if you’ve had a massage session which was ruined by something your massage therapist said to you. If you do I would love to hear your story. Please share in the comments below or message me.

Massage Monday #568 Your Massage Therapist Said What?!