Neck Massager Review

Neck Massager Review

This week I’m going to review my brand new neck massager. I don’t think there’s a name for it but it’s a neck massager. It’s made of plastic. Basically put it around your neck and squeeze. When you squeeze these massage parts dig in to the side of your neck. It’s very effective. Actually if you squeeze it kind of hurts. You don’t need much effort at all. You can change the angle. And one side hits more towards the front while the other side hits more towards the back. Unfortunately this curve here is too big for me. So I cannot squeeze the very back of the neck right next to the spine. Maybe I can put something on these parts to make it bigger so it can squeeze the very back of the neck because this is just plastic and I cannot change the angle here. But this is really a handy tool. I can easily do this while I watch TV or something.

I found this tool at Daiso which is a Japanese 100 yen store. But in the United States almost everything is $1.50. So this was only $1.50 so it’s a good buy. I think this is a good tool to carry with you while you travel because it’s very light, and it’s very thin so you can just slide it in your bag. I also tried massaging my legs. I massaged my calves and thighs and it’s very effective you want the acupressure action. So if there’s Daiso in your area, I highly recommend you check out the store. You’ll find all kinds of Japanese stuff and lots of massage tools for $1.50

1-26-15 Neck Massager Review

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