Neck and Shoulder Massage in A Camping Chair

Right now I am in Weiser, Idaho to watch this Great American Eclipse. I have my glasses here.

We left California at 2am, went through Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and arrived at this very quiet spot right under the 100% eclipse zone at 8:30pm just in time for this beautiful sunset. There’s pretty much no one here except few people.

While we were waiting for this eclipse to start, I massaged my friend who drove almost 17 hours straight. So I wanted to show you how I massaged him in a camping chair.

Here’s me massaging his shoulders with overlapped thumbs. I knew his shoulders were tight so I wouldn’t even dare to use a single thumb to try to massage. I’m also using my body weight as a source of pressure. I’m pressing and kneading between the base of the neck and shoulder bone. The camping chair makes the receiver much lower than you so it makes it easier.

Here I’m massaging his neck up and down using the same technique by overlapping my thumbs.

He likes a lot of pressure so I moved on to use my elbow which is more effective for him and it saves my thumbs.

Then I realized I can utilize my body weight better and cover more area if I press on my wrist. So here I’m using the area right above the elbow and pressing on the wrist to move the arm downward to cover more area. This is also an example of how you don’t always have to face the receiver to give a good massage.

The night before I gave a massage under a bunch of stars. I even saw shooting stars. I love giving massage in nature. And people love you for it too.

And of course, do the other side so the other side doesn’t get jealous.

By the way, the full solar eclipse was amazing. It was very short but totally worth the experience.

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Massage Monday #357 – Neck and Shoulder Massage in A Camping Chair