Neck and Shoulder Massage with Rolling Pin

Few weeks ago I showed you how to massage someone’s upper leg with a rolling pin. Per viewer’s request, this week I’m going to show you how you can massage someone’s neck and shoulder with a rolling pin.

This is one of my favorite massage tools. A rolling pin from 99 cents store. I would not use a rolling pin that you use for cooking to massage your body parts for a sanitary reason. Nobody wants to eat cookies made with a rolling pin that has massaged all kinds of body parts.

Before you massage someone’s shoulder know the target area which is behind the seam of the T-shirt AND know where the shoulder bone is. The rolling pin is hard and you do not want to go over the bone with this because it hurts.

Stand next to the receiver and roll the rolling pin over the target area between the neck and shoulder bone. Change the angle a little bit to cover more areas.

If the receiver has a very small frame and the rolling pin is too big and there’s not enough space to roll, press the shoulder muscle like a see saw. Or massage more of the neck.

To massage the neck, have the receiver tilt the neck to the other side to expose the area. And simply roll the rolling pin over the neck muscles. Keep checking if the pressure is right.

You can also massage the back of the neck as long as the spine is not sticking out. Have the partner look down to expose the area and go up and down with the rolling pin. Again, keep checking if the pressure is right for the receiver.

Before you try this on someone, I highly recommend trying this on yourself first so you know how it feels. I have a link for the self-rolling pin massage below.

Massage Monday #138 Self Rolling Pin Massage | How To Massage Neck

Massage Monday #374 –Neck and Shoulder Massage with Rolling Pin