New Complimentary Service – Aroma Foot Bath (Massage Monday #397)

Yes I chopped off my hair. Right now I’m waiting for my friend to come in to give me a much needed cannabis massage. This week I’m going to show you the new complimentary service that I’m offering to my private clients. I call this a win-win solution.

It’s an aroma foot bath. First I boil the water. When I work at the spa facility they have showers and saunas and Jacuzzi but when I work in the office there is no shower so there is no way to clean dirty feet before the massage. If I were the client I would want to get up on a table with clean feet.

I had the laundry tub lying around so I line it with a garbage bag and pour the boiling water. For one part boiling water I add about three parts water to make it nice and warm. This is the same settings they use at the Chinese foot massage place with a foot soak.

For a regular client, I mix with essential oils of their choice. Usually Lavender and Eucalyptus and sometimes add Bergamot if they want uplifting effect. For a cannabis massage client, I use the cannabis oil of their choice so I’m going to squirt some of my favorite Papa & Barkley’s Releaf oil for myself today.

And put the feet in and relax for about five minutes. This will start the relaxing process while the feet are getting refreshed. The hot water acts as a diffuser and the aroma will fill the massage room. Also, this a great time to chat because once the massage session starts I do not like chatting. I tell the client to come in about 10-minutes early to enjoy the foot bath.

Then wipe the feet and discard the water while the client is getting on the table. After dumping the water, just discard the garbage bag and the tub is still clean and dry. This was a better solution than wrapping the feet with wet towels which would create more laundry.

This feels good and smells good for both of us so I call this a win-win solution.

Massage Monday #397 – New Complimentary Service – Aroma Foot Bath