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Some of you know that my go to enzyme drink for my gut health is R’s Koso. Koso means enzyme and this is a Japanese enzyme drink. It is Made in Japan, non-GMO, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. It has more than 100 vegetables fermented over a year. And it has prebiotics and probiotics AND postbiotics. Prebiotics are like the food that feed probiotics which are beneficial gut bacteria in your intestine. As a result, you will have postbiotics which are the byproduct of the probiotics after consuming prebiotics. R’s Koso is very unique that it also has postbiotics in their Koso drink which is very rare in suppliments.

Poor gut health is linked to so many health issues. If you have any health issues, I highly recommend you Google it to see if it’s possibly linked to a poor gut health.

The gut is also called a second brain. Here’s an interesting quote I found on Harvard Medical School:

So I drink this for healthy gut and second brain. It gives me a peace of mind that I’m getting good prebiotics and probiotics and as a result good postbiotics.

Recently, R’s Koso came out with a LOWER SUGAR version. Although it was natural, the original version had 9.3 grams of sugar per serving size of 15 ml which may have mattered if you were concerned about sugar intake. The new lower sugar version only has 2.7 grams of sugar per 15 ml. That’s less than 1/3 of the sugar than the original.

However, as you can see the lower sugar version is smaller. No this is not “shrinkflation” where companies reduce the size of the products while keeping the price the same just to cut the cost. The lower sugar version is smaller because it is more concentrated so the serving size has been reduced 2/3 from 15 ml to 10 ml. And the bottle size is also reduced by 2/3 from 474 ml to 280 ml.

Since the serving size is reduced from 15 ml to 10 ml, the sugar content is only 2 grams per serving of 10 ml compared to the sugar content of 9.1 grams per 15 ml serving size.

So the lower sugar version is more friendly if you are on a sugar-strict diet like Keto. Also the calories per serving was reduced from 38 calories to 3 calories!

Just like the original one, their drink is concentrated so you dilute it with 3-4 times water or sparkling water. The lower sugar one tends to have deposits at the bottom so if you see them they want you to swirl or shake to mix them well before you drink.

Taste-wise, I was surprised and impressed it still had enough sweetness and easy to drink. If you watch sugar intake and caloric intake but still want to improve your gut health, I think this new lower sugar version is a great option.

As usual, R’s Koso has a special discount code for my audience. If you want to try their Koso enzyme drink, use YASUKO15 and you will get 15 % off your purchase. I will put the link below too along with my past experience with R’s Koso.

R’s Koso Lower Sugar Version

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