Ninon’s Beauty Cream and Massage Update (Massage Monday #432)

Well, it’s been about a month or 4 weeks to be exact since I made this Ninon’s beauty cream so this week I’m going to give you an update on the experiment on this beauty cream and the massage.

As I promised, I put this cream on every single day before I went to bed. And I think I used about 1/3 of the whole batch. In the beginning, I slathered this but now I only apply a thin layer. I only need about this much to cover my face and neck and decollate, so I still have a lot left. I keep this in the fridge and I think it’s still good, but it’s stinky to begin with so it’s hard to tell when or if it’s gone bad.

So, do I see any difference on my face? Frankly, I don’t know. But I do feel my face is more moisturized especially when I wake up in the morning. There were some comments that I’m glowing. Well, thank you. I will take it. I haven’t changed the way I put the same make up or the lighting system so I will gladly take your word for it.

Oh and as someone commented, the world’s oldest supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice, I hope I said it right, she uses lard as a moisturizer on her face just as a reference.

ABC News Caremen Dell’Orefice interview: Aging Gracefully: At the Peak of Beauty and Fame

I can’t really tell if the onion’s brightening effect is taking place on my face maybe because I see it every day. So I guess you be the judge.

But on my hands, I can see a difference. I put the cream only on my left hand every day before I went to bed. And if feels and looks smoother than my right hand. I wish my camera could take microscopic pictures but the texture is different for sure and it’s slightly lighter than the right hand. My friends can attest it too. But you see, the angle and lighting makes a big difference so this is not a good representation. I drive a lot and we have the steering wheel on the left side so if anything, left hand tends to get more sun exposures so it’s kind of surprising.

In the beginning, I just put the cream on and went to bed but my left hand didn’t sit still. So the stinky cream was rubbing off on the bed. So I bought these night gloves:

Night gloves

And now I put the cream on and put the glove on and this is how I sleep. It helps to keep the bed clean and it also locks in the moisture so it feels really nice in the morning if it stays on. I would say 1 out of 5 times it comes off for some reason and I have to look for this in the morning.

Now that I like what I’m seeing on the left hand, I’m going to start using it on my right hand too. And I have gloves for both hands so I might as well use it.

I’m kind of getting used to the smell but it’s still not a nice smell. I used Witch Hazel toner to wipe it off in the morning but I think I’ve developed a smell of association meaning even if I just use Witch Hazel toner, I start to smell the lard and onion automatically which is not a nice thing because I love this product.

So now I use this microfiber cloth to remove the beauty cream in the morning. I use this to remove the make up. And I prefer cotton but this microfiber cloth is amazing at removing things. So I soak this in hot water and do a hot compress which itself feels nice as I remove the beauty cream. And I do this several times at the sink or in the shower.

I still have quite a bit left on this box of lard with BHA which now I know is a harmful chemical. (I would use organic lard instead.) So I’ve been thinking how I should use the rest of this box because I do not want to waste animal product. And I learned you can make a soap out of lard. So I think I’ll be making a lard soap with the rest of this box. That way I can still make use of the rest of this animal product and I don’t have to saturate my skin with harmful chemical for a long period of time.

Another effect of using lard on my face. I don’t cook with lard obviously and that’s why I didn’t even know where to find it. But now that know the smell and taste of lard, I can tell which restaurants use lard in their dishes.

I know there are people who cannot use lard for their religious reasons, or they are vegan, or they just cannot get it in their area or simply they don’t like to. I looked at the oil compositions but I just don’t know how to look for a vegan alternative for lard from the oil composition stand point. If you know of a tool or resource that I can compare the oil compositions side by side or a good tool to find the vegan alternative, please let me know.

There were some suggestions for the alternatives such as olive oil, coconut oil, and ghee although ghee is not vegan. So just substitute with plant oils that work for you.

Now for the massage. I’ve been doing the thyroid or neck massage and face massage every day once a day. Actually, I think missed one day in the past month. I don’t have any thyroid issues but if you have any thyroid issues please check with your doctor first just to be sure because I don’t know if this neck massage will affect the individual cases.

As for the result, I don’t know if there’s any change for me. Someone mentioned she was losing weight and that’s great. Congratulations. But my weight is pretty much the same although I strive to keep it within certain range most of the time anyway. I realized I was already touching my thyroid every day because whenever I put a skincare product on my face, I also put it on my neck and decollate. I’m just touching more with Ninon’s massage. From the other anti-aging facelift video I’m used to caressing downward from the neck (ears) to the collarbone.

So whenever I do Ninon’s massage upward, I finish with downward strokes for lymph drainage.

I know this massage is such an arm burner but someone commented a workaround. Instead of moving your arms, start moving your head. So start head banging if your arms are hurting. I thought that was brilliant idea.

So that’s the update on Ninon’s beauty cream and neck massage experiment after doing it for one month. Again, I see this as a long-term investment by doing little bit every day. Stay tuned for the next update in 2059 if I’m still sticking around the earth, hopefully looking like this.

Massage Monday #432 – Ninon’s Beauty Experiment Update