No-Crease Face Cradle Cover Review

One of the downsides of getting a massage is getting those unwanted lines on your face from the face cradle cover. I have made a video on how to reduce those lines and I will include the link below.

How To Get Rid of Pillow Lines Faster

This week I’m going to review these no-crease face cradle covers.

I’m going to test these out myself by lying down on each for 10 minutes. I always use a sheepskin cover because it feels nice on your face.

First I’m going to test this generic Seamless Face Rest Cover. It’s just one piece with elastic edge on one side. I put it over the sheepskin. Pull the edge to remove the lines on the surface. I lied down for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I don’t see any lines on my face. So I’m pretty happy about this.

Next I’m going to try the one by Saw & Saw. This one is made of two pieces: one for the face part on the top and the other for the sides with elastic edge at the bottom. Again I put it over the sheepskin and pull the edges to remove the lines.

Again I lied down for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, I don’t see any line on the forehead which is nice but I see these vertical lines under my eyes like a Cheetah complete with brown spots. Thank you very much. These are from the seam inside because your face sinks into the face cradle.

I only tested these for 10 minutes but massages are usually 60-90 minute which means you are lying down for 40-60 minutes and the lines will be much deeper.

After trying these out this generic one piece cover is the winner and this is what I use for my client. However, this only works because I’m using the sheepskin. Without the sheepskin this one is very slippery on the face cradle and it’s really hard to work with.

I still make use of this two piece face cradle cover because I need something for the neck pillow that I slide under the client’s head when they are facing up.

Massage Monday #364 – No-Crease Face Cradle Cover Review

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