Welcome to Bliss Squared Massage’s Blog

Hello and welcome to Bliss Squared Massage‘s blog. My name is Yasko Kawamura. I am a licensed massage therapist based in Orange County, California. I work part-time at a high-end spa and chiropractor’s office as a massage therapist.

I also facilitate happy relationships by teaching couples how to massage each other. I strongly believe that touch is a powerful communication tool as this phrase says it all very nicely: “Touch can communicate more love in five seconds than words can in five minutes.” Through the power of touch, what I really promote is a deeper connection between you and your special someone.

People usually love receiving massage but not giving massage. This is often because they have tried it before but ended up hurting their hands, fingers or back or it was simply very tiring giving massage. I teach tips, techniques, and body mechanics so giving massage is easier and painless. Especially if your special someone loves receiving massage, knowing how to give a quick and effective massage may be a great gift that keeps on giving. And when your partner is happier who knows what you may get in return!

I am very excited to share my passion of massage and other things here. Please take care until we meet here again.

Yasko Kawamura