Pamper Your Partner’s Top and Bottom Valentine’s Day Gift Idea (Massage Monday #537)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so this week I’ll share a nice gift idea and how you can pamper your partner with that gift.

First the, environment. Create a relaxing ambience with nice relaxing music. Use candles or string lights to create dimmed lighting.

Create a foot bath with a small tub and warm water. Mix in Epsom salt for tired feet. Add few drops of lavender essential oil for relaxation. Milk for smoother feet. And rose petals for the special occasion. Set the water temperature to be about 100F (37.8C) and adjust according to your partner’s preference.

Epsom Salt

Organic Lavender Oil

But here’s a better idea.

If you use a foot spa like this with an Epsom salt already scented with lavender, it makes your life much easier. This one was ranked #1 on Amazon and it has a digital temperature control, vibration, bubbles and massager. This itself will be a nice gift that keeps on giving for people who have standing jobs or anyone who loves foot massage. Your partner can set the temperature as they wish and the water remains warm. And you can add Epsom salt and rose petals to this no problem I’ll have the Amazon link below:

While your partner’s soaking their feet, massage their head by gliding your fingers all over their scalp.

Then move their scalp with your fingertips by making small circles all over their head.

This way you can massage top and bottom of your partner at the same time. How nice is that.

Here’s a bonus. How about some shoulder massage that’s easy and feels amazing.

Stand behind the receiver. Angle your forearm to target the shoulder muscles right behind the top of the shoulder. Roll the forearm from the neck to the shoulder. Stop right before the shoulder bone because bone on bone hurts. Start with the palm facing down. If you start with the palm facing up there’s not much room to roll. Make sure your hand is relaxed.

For the roses, see if you can find just the petals or rose flowers. They are much cheaper than the stemmed roses.

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Have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Massage Monday #537 Pamper Your Partner’s Top and Bottom Valentine’s Day Gift Idea