Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer and Nanoe Flat Iron – My Secret Weapons for Hair

I have shared this Tsubaki Camellia oil as a Japanese traditional secret for beautiful hair. Maybe I should do this like a beauty blogger. This week I will share my not so traditional secret weapon for hair that I love which are these Panasonic’s Nanoe flat hair iron and Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer.

I got this Panasonic Nanoe flat hair iron in Japan about 4 years ago and I’ve been loving it. My friend got Nanoe hair dryer at the same time. And when I used her dryer I fell in love with it. But I still had a good functioning dryer so when it finally broke, I had no hesitation to get this Nanoe hair dryer and I didn’t regret it. I got the foldable one in case I take it for travel. So now I have both Nanoe flat iron and hair dryer.

Nanoe is a technology developed by Panasonic and it means nano technology and e for electric charge.

Nanoe products like my hair dryer and hair iron release Panasonic’s unique fine particle ion called ‘Nano-E’ to provide moisture to your hair. The majority of today’s hair dryers use ions, but the difference between nanoe™ technology and ions is that ions adhere to the hair surface whereas nanoe™ helps moisture to penetrate into the hair. The nano-sized ‘Nano-E’ particles contain approximately 1,000 times more moisture than typical negative ions.

Here is the comparison I did with a regular hair dryer and this nanoe dryer. I think you can see the difference. The left side is a regular dryer. And the right side is a Nanoe dryer. I think you can see the difference in texture. The left side looks drier and spreads more than the right side.

Now I’m going to straighten my hair with the nanoe flat iron.

Since I haven’t used the Tsubaki Camellia oil, I apply it afterwards to seal in the moisture.

When you use either product on your hair, I think you will notice a big difference because it’s going to be softer and silkier. This dryer is 1400W so it’s not the most powerful dryer but it still dries your hair pretty quickly and it leaves your hair silky and moist instead of completely dry from the inside.

And this flat iron goes from 130 to 200 degrees celsius which is 266 to 392 fahrenheit.

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