Partner Neck Stretch (Massage Monday #408)

When you massage your partner, it’s a good idea to incorporate stretching because it feels good and it’s one way to stretch the time too. This week I’m going to show you how to stretch your partner’s neck.

But before I get started, do not stretch a cold, tight muscles. You should always warm up the muscles with a heat pack, or do this after taking a shower or bath. Or do this after massaging the area so the muscles are warm and loose.

Position yourself behind the partner sitting up straight either in a chair or on the floor. Take a deep breath together and as you both exhale, press the partner’s neck to one side as you hold one shoulder. For each stretch, slowly count at least to ten. Hold or as long as it doesn’t hurt the partner, slightly increase the stretch as you both exhale.

Here’s another way to do it with hands crossed over. Do it slowly as you communicate so you won’t over stretch and cause a soft tissue injury. Never use a sudden motion or bouncing motion.

Make sure the partner’s body is not slouching forward as you do this. Repeat on the other side.

Next, position yourself 45 degrees to the side and press the partner’s head to 45 degrees forward to the other side. Increase the stretch on the exhale as long as it’s not hurting your partner. Repeat on the other side.

Next, slowly press the partner’s head forward. To increase the stretch, have the partner hold the head with weaved fingers and pull the elbows downward.

Lastly, help stretch the front of the neck by pressing the partner’s chin upward.

So these are six stretches of ten count or about ten seconds so that’s one minute. When you exchange a neck massage it’s a nice way to add another minute.

Happy Massaging and Stretching!

Massage Monday #408 – Partner Neck Stretching