Piece of advice from a tired massage therapist

Piece of advice from a tired massage therapist

So you’ve tried many massages and you’ve finally found your favorite massage therapist at your favorite massage place. Congratulations! Now you want to go back and get the wonderful massage again from the same therapist again. As a massage therapist I love it when a previous client comes back for my massage.

Here’s a piece of advice. Know your therapist’s schedule. For example, the spa that I work at they have a set shift schedule up to 6 hours, usually from 9am-3pm or 3pm-9pm. On slow days we get to rest between the clients but on busy days we have to give massages back to back to back to back without any breaks. On those days I’m a lot fresher during the first hour than the fourth hour of giving consecutive massages. I know therapists who can give ten massages no problem. I don’t know how they do it. So maybe it’s just me. When I gave seven massages in one day and all I could do afterwards was to flip a channel with the remote on the couch because I didn’t even want to lift the remote off the couch.

I also have my office part time and when I schedule my clients there, I make sure to space out my appointments so I have enough time to recharge and give the quality service every single time. If you have a flexibility with your schedule, I would find out when your favorite therapist is working and try to book earlier or after the break especially if they’re working for someone and don’t have a luxury of controlling their own schedule.

Happy Massaging!

6-16-14 Appointment advice from a tired massage therapist http://bit.ly/mm-061614
advice from a tired massage therapist