[Pregnancy Safe] Acupressure for Constipation (Massage Monday #499)

Hi everyone, I am Yasko and it’s time for Massage Monday. I have an old old video on the acupressure for constipation from 2013 and it’s still one of the most popular videos on this channel. I showed three acupressure points on the hand, wrist and elbow and from the comments I see that people are getting amazing results.

But for pregnant ladies, I know the video was confusing because I showed the point on the hand to avoid during pregnancy first, followed by the two that they could press but I didn’t make that clear.

So this week I will show you 3 acupressure points for constipation that are safe during pregnancy. You can do this even if you are not pregnant of course. Basically, I’m not going to show the one to avoid during pregnancy, and I’m going to add another one that’s good for constipation as well as lower back pain so it’s even more beneficial for the pregnant ladies.

曲池 (LI 11) – The first one is on the elbow. When you bend your elbow, there is a crease. It’s at the outer end of the crease. This is called Large Intestine 11 or LI 11. Press it with a hooked thumb as you take a deep breath for 1 minute. Once you know how it feels on both sides, you can press them with the middle fingers at the same time.

神門 (H7) – The second one is on the left wrist. I still don’t know why it’s only on the left side but that’s how I know but there is no harm if you do it on the right side too. Draw a line from the base of the ring finger and pinky finger towards the wrist and it’s where it stops on the wrist crease. It’s right next to the big tendon on the inside. This is called Heart 7 or H7. Press this point for five seconds as you take a deep breath and repeat five times.

When you press acupressure points, you don’t have to press very hard. When you are on the right spot you may have a distinct feeling even if it’s a light touch. Press gently to begin with and gradually add pressure as long as it feels good or hurts good. Reduce pressure if it’s painful.

大腸喩 (UB 25) – The last one is on the lower back. Find the L4 which is the second vertebrae from the sacrum. Go 2 finger widths from the spine on both sides. These are called Urinary Bladder 25 or UB 25. When you put your hands on your hip bone, it’s where your thumbs are on the ropy back muscle. Press these points for five seconds as you take a deep breath and repeat five times. This point is good for constipation as well as lower back pain.

If it’s hard to press your back with your thumbs, make a fist and place your knuckle on these points and press or circle to stimulate them or sit against them. You don’t need to press the fists into your back if you just lean against it with your body weight. If you have two tennis balls, put them in a sock, place each ball on the acupressure point and sit against them. And you can be hands-free.

I wish you a smooth evacuation ♡

Massage Monday #499 Acupressure for Constipation Safe during Pregnancy http://bit.ly/mm-499