R’s Koso Holiday Giveaway Winner (Massage Monday #580)

I’m going to draw a winner for the R’s Koso holiday giveaway.

Hi everyone, I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Thank you for all the entries for the R’s Koso holiday giveaway.

One of the things I’ve asked you to do was to guess one of more than 100 ingredients in this R’s Koso.

For your reference, I’m going to include the link here that lists all the ingredients. Scroll down to the INGREDIENTS (100+) and you can see all the ingredients.

You can get 10% off using the R’s Koso Discount Code: YASUKO10 or using the special 10% off link here.

Now I’m going to draw a winner. I put the names in the spreadsheet as usual and I have cut up numbers in this box.

I’m going to shake it well. And the winner is number 6. And number 6 is Laurie Valenti. Congratulations Laurie! You won this R’s Koso! This is mine so it’s used but don’t worry. You’ll get the new bottle from R’s Koso. I will be in touch with you and I will have it shipped to you.

Thank you again to R’s Koso for the holiday giveaway to my audience. I appreciate your generosity. Cheers to your health.

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Massage Monday #580 R’s Koso Holiday Giveaway Winner http://bit.ly/mm-580