Save Your Gut with R’s Koso Travel Size during Travel | Koso Japanese Prebiotic Drink

I was visiting New York for the first time in my entire life. And I’ve lived in the United States for 36 years.

This week I’m going to introduce you to my favorite Japanese superfood enzyme drink, R’s Koso in a travel size.

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I have been taking R’s Koso for a while now. For me this is a peace of mind for my gut bacteria, a go to if I want to do a cleanse, and a hope for my high cholesterol which has been lower since I started drinking. I will include the links to my past R’s Koso experience in the description.

But the bottle is pretty big and it needs to be refrigerated once opened and I couldn’t take it to short trips with just a carry-on.

But they have these mini bottles. There are 5 bottles in this box. Each bottle is 1 oz or 30 ml so it clears the FAA guidelines for the liquid. And you don’t have to worry about refrigeration once you open the bottle because it’s a single serving.

This is also a good trial size so if you don’t know if you want to commit to the big bottle, this is a good way to start.

If you use YASUKO15 you can get 15% discount (on any products on I’ll put the link below.

Cheers to your health. With the holiday binge eating season coming up this is a good gift to yourself and your loved ones.

And I don’t want to waste any of the probiotics so what I do is I add some water in the bottle, swirl it, and empty it out.

I don’t mean to promote unhealthy eating but thanks to R’s Koso, I had a peace of mind as I thoroughly enjoyed foods like NY pizzas, pastrami melt, lamb and chicken on the rice, and Dim Sum at Golden Unicorn.

Massage Monday #618 Save Your Gut with R’s Koso Travel Size during Travel | Koso Japanese Postbiotic Drink