Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

This week I’ll show you how to massage your scalp for hair loss by keeping what you have and promoting new hair growth. First why scalp massage is very important for healthy hair growth.

Let’s look at the hair anatomy. massage monday scalp massage for hair growthYou can see that the hair root more specifically dermal papilla of the hair bulb connects directly to the blood vessels. That’s how hair gets the nutrients needed for hair growth.



Now let’s look at the scalp. SCALP is actually an acronym of what makes up the area which are: Skin, Connective Tissue, Aponeurotica, Loose Connective Tissue, Pericranium

massage monday SCALP acronym

It doesn’t say muscles because there are no muscles on the top of the head which means there is not much circulation. That’s why it’s white and not red like the area with muscles where there is lot more circulation.


According to the hair experts the scalp of the people with hair loss is very tight which hinders circulation and the surface temperature of the scalp is lower too due to lack of circulation. So the purpose of the scalp massage is to loosen the area to allow easier blood supply to dermal papilla for more hair growth.

Move your scalp and see how much it moves. Now move your temple. The goal is to have your scalp as soft as your temple. Hair loss of 50-100 hair a day is normal because your hair has a life cycle and the new hair cannot grow unless the old hair falls out. One thing to keep in mind is that when you massage your scalp, you do not want to pull out the hair before its time. You especially want to keep the precious new baby hair which is very thin. So all the techniques that I’m going to show you is done by pressing and moving the scalp with your fingertips, not fingernails because they will damage your scalp. And not gliding your fingers over the scalp with lot of force because that can pull out the hair.

Start with the back of the head in the center. With your fingertips press and move the scalp up and down several times as you move your hands to the sides all the way to the back of the ears. Cup your ears and move the side of the scalp several times up and down as you move up. You can also use the base of your palms. Weave your fingers on the top if you can reach them. From the hairline by the temple move the front sides of the scalp towards your hair whorl. Push the top of your scalp towards the center with your fingertips from the front towards the back. You can also weave your fingers this way. Move the scalp in the back of the head sideways from the side as you move towards the center.

Do this twice a day including during shampoo. If you are at work this helps to bring the blood up to a cloudy head with lunch coma. Combine it with acupressure points for hair growth.

Scalp massage definitely promotes healthy hair growth but it’s just a part of the big formula. It’s like preparing a soil with good irrigation. Massage by itself will not grow your hair like Chia Pet.
hello kitty chia pet
You still need to take in good nutrition to fertilize your hair, reevaluate your shampoo and conditioners or go “no-poo” which is to wash your hair with only water. I may try that in the future. You have to take care of the existing hair by brushing it the right way with the right kind of brush which is different from a styling brush and towel dry and blow dry the right way. I used to dry my hair by vigorously rubbing with a towel. I probably lost lot of my hair unnecessarily. Now I just press the towel over the scalp and pat and squeeze my hair to dry and I see less hair on the floor. If hair loss is caused by stress, look at the cause of the stress. Don’t forget the beauty sleep especially between 10pm-2am.

Happy Massaging!

12-21-15 Scalp Massage for Hair Loss