Favorite places in Sedona

I finally took some time off and went back to beautiful Sedona last week. My elementary school friend suggested that we celebrate our 40th in Sedona. What a great idea. Although it was short, I got to visit my favorite places and found some more.

First, I highly recommend Amara Resort. It’s located right in the middle of Uptown Sedona. It’s very clean and everyone is very attentive, friendly and professional. They have free shuttle service to take you up the hill to any place in Uptown Sedona when you want. They even come pick you up which was very helpful because we were once hit by a T-storm. Their daily service charge included all the tipping. We also enjoyed unlimited complimentary bottled water (we needed a lot for hiking) and free Yoga class.  If you go, don’t forget to try their home-made granola at the breakfast buffet.

I have been told by two psychics that I was a Native American medicine woman in my past life. I tend to believe when two completely unrelated psychics (one in the US, the other in Japan) tell me the same thing. I always liked how the Native Americans appreciate the nature. Whether you are/were medicine woman or not, it’s fun to visit Clear Creek Trading Company which has antique Native American jewelry, all kinds of fur pelts (bear, fox, raccoons, etc.), all kinds of animal parts (skulls, bones, teeth, feet, even snake vertebrae).

Clear Creek Trading Company

Wildflower Bread Company is so good we had to go back to get some more goodies. I see they are expanding in Arizona. Please expand a little more to the west to Southern California!! New discovery was ChocolaTree Cafe. It is 100% organic raw/cooked vegetarian place. I’m surprised there aren’t many other places like this in Sedona for being such a new age/healing place.

Above all the highlight was to reconnect and catch up with my dear friend I’ve known since the 1st grade in Tokyo. We’ve “matured” a lot in the last 33 years taking completely different paths in our lives. We laughed a lot over the old stories and trying to remember the names of classmates. My last Sedona trip was with another friend from elementary school. I’m so blessed to have friends for a long time and look forward to keeping the friendship for a loooong time.