Self Neck Massage in Bed (Massage Monday #553)

This week I will show you the self neck massage that I often do before I go to sleep or after I wake up while I’m still in bed.

I do this when I’m lying on a side and utilize the best friend for your massage called gravity.

First the base of the skull. The base of the skull is the attachment of the neck and shoulder muscles and they can get very tight. Hook your thumb and press the tight spot and hold as you take deep breaths. You can also make small circles but when you do, don’t just circle your thumb. Move the entire hand. You can give yourself a head massage with this too.

Next, the neck muscle. Hold the tight spot with your thumb. I tell it “It’s ok to release. Thank you for your hard work.” Give short strokes again by moving the entire hand. Don’t move just your thumb only because it will get tired easily.

You can also use the index finger joint to press and hold and give short strokes by slightly bending the wrist or turning your wrist. Or multiple finger joints to cover a bigger area.

If you have a lubricant you can glide down the neck muscle but if you feel nervy or pain at any time, stop doing it.

Finally, using the heel of the palm, press the head away from the shoulder to give a good neck stretch. You may want to change the angle of your palm and find the best angle what feels good for you.

I do these usually while I’m lying on bed but you can do these when you’re sitting too.

Massage Monday #553 Self Neck Massage in Bed