Self Reflexology in the Airplane

I am traveling this week. I will tell you why I’m traveling this week in the future but this week I wanted to show you how you can give yourself a good reflexology massage even while sitting in the airplane.

Especially in the economy class there’s not much room to move but you can still give yourself a good foot massage and this is how you do it. You pack a golf ball in your luggage. And simply you put it on the floor and roll your foot all over the golf ball. The ball of the foot, the arch, the heel, and sometime just step on it. You might be hitting the acupressure points. Do it on the other side.

The golf ball is small and it can roll so make sure you keep the contact at all times so it doesn’t roll all over the airplane. If the golf ball is too small of hard to reach, you can also use a lacrosse ball. Lacrosse ball is much bigger and has a lot of traction.

If you have two lacrosse balls, you can put it in a sock and you can make an instant massage tool for your back. Simply put two lacrosse balls on the muscles next to the spine and roll. Or press. You can also put the lacrosse ball over the shoulder between the spine and the shoulder blade and just roll.

Another benefit of rolling your foot over the ball is that you exercise your leg. By moving your leg you get the blood flow going and it may help prevent the formation of the blood clot by sitting in the airplane in the same position for hours at a time.

It’s idea that you get up from your seat and walk around the aisle to exercise but not everyone can discipline themselves so this is a good alternative. I hope this is helpful.