Self rolling pin massage – How to massage neck

Self rolling pin massage – How to massage neck

This week I’ll show you my new massage tool: a rolling pin. I’m not a baker but got one just for massage for 99 cents at the 99 cents store. My neck gets sore after a long day of massage and this is how I’ve been massaging my neck.

To massage the right side, grab it with the right palm facing away and left palm facing you. Tilt you neck forward and roll up and down the neck. Try different angles. Don’t forget to massage the base of the skull where the neck muscles attach.

Switch the hold to do the other side. To massage the left side, grab it with the left palm facing away and right palm facing you. You can do this easily while you watch TV without tiring your hands or fingers. To increase the pressure, grip firmer, slow down and use the arm weight. To reduce the pressure, lighten up the grip.

If you have a headache, I recommend you only roll down the neck and not up the neck. The headache may be caused by the pressure built in your head. If you roll up the neck you may be promoting more fluid, energy and more “stuff” into the head. So if you have a headache, just roll down the neck to alleviate the pressure from the head.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 6-17-13: Self rolling pin massage – How to massage neck

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