Self Shiatsu Facial Massage

This week I’ll show you self-Shiatsu Facial massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage modality and it literally means finger pressure. It uses sustained pressure applied by the fingertips or palm. It helps to improve the circulation, revitalize and tone your skin.

Since you don’t rub or glide using a lubricant like the Western style massage, you can do this anytime throughout the day whenever you want to rejuvenate your face even over a makeup. Face is a delicate area so press gently but with enough pressure that feels good.

[two_third_first]Let’s start with the forehead. Starting from the third eye between the eyebrows, gently press three points toward the hairline with your middle finger supported by the index and ring fingers and by the other hand. Press as you exhale. For the rest of the video when I use my middle finger it is supported by the index and ring fingers.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Starting from the inner upper corner of the eye socket, gently press four points on the upper eye socket with your middle finger on both sides. Press as you exhale.

Then press four points on the lower eye socket starting from the inner lower corner of the eye socket. These eye points are very good for tired eyes.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Starting from the depression next to the outer corner of your eyes press three points on the temples with your middle fingers on both sides. [/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Gently press the eyes with your palms for ten counts as you breathe deeply. If you want to generate more energy or Qi, rub your hands before you apply your palms.

[two_third_first]Put your middle finger on the nail of the index finger and press three points around the nose starting from just below the inner corner of the eyes on both sides. Then next to the prominence of the nose. And next to the nostrils.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Press the three points on the cheek bone simultaneously with your index, middle and ring fingertips on both sides. Gently press upward and into the cheek bone. It is against the Shiatsu rule but if you have long fingernails and this is hard to do, use the finger joints to gently press these points once you locate them. I find it is easier to press evenly this way too.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Press three points between the nose and mouth with middle fingers on both sides as you exhale.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Press three points next to the corners of your mouth with middle fingers on both sides as you exhale.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[two_third_first]Press three points on your chin with middle fingers on both side as you exhale.[/two_third_first][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

If you feel something feels especially good, go ahead and hold longer or press more than once.
Once you learn the points, it is more relaxing to do these with your eyes closed. You are welcome to also combine it with the Anti-Aging Facelift Massage which I will include the link below.

Anti-Aging Facelift Massage:

Massage Monday #352 – Self Shiatsu Facial Massage