Self Shoulder Massage

Hello beautiful souls. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. This week I’m going to massage my shoulders because they are screaming for help. If your shoulders are screaming too you’re welcome to follow along.

Please don’t do this if you’re pregnant because we’re going to be stimulating acupressure points called Gall Bladder 21 or GB 21 which helps to induce labor. So you do not want to press these points until after due date.

Let’s start with loosening the surface. Pinch the skin on your shoulder as you go up and down. You’re loosening the surface and the border of the trapezius muscle. Even if your muscles are lean, if the skin and fascia in between are tight the whole area will be tight and it’s hard to move like your legs can move well but not in a very tight jeans. You can also do this in the back on the same side. The upper trapezius goes all the way to the skull. If you find a very tight spot give it a gentle shake.

Switch side and do the same.

Next, with three fingers closed together and curved, press on the tight spot on your shoulder. Instead of pressing with your arm strength, just hook your fingers and lower your elbow and use the gravity. You can pull the elbow with the other hand too. And to save your fingers, move your shoulders up and down while you press. Rotate your shoulder in one direction. And the other direction.

Next, press your thumb in front of the trapezius and pinch the muscle and lower your elbow. Naturally your thumb will dig under the trapezius. You can hold it there or rotate your shoulder in one direction. And the other direction. And move your shoulders up and down.

I have been showing five times on each move but you can do more if you like. Repeat on the other side.

Whenever you massage with your hands and fingers and they get tired, think about moving the opposite receiving end to save your hands and fingers.

Rotate your shoulder in one direction. And the other direction.

Now pinch the trapezius with your thumb in the front and other fingers on the top. I have a very interesting experience with this GB 21 acupressure points. I will share it in another video but if you’re living with rage, not just anger but rage, be careful with this point.

I hope this helps to make your shoulders happier.

Thanks for watching I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe. And click on the notification bell.

Massage Monday #666 Self Shoulder Massage