Should Kids See This? Kids and Massage – Good or Bad?

So I have this regular couple clients and I go to their house to massage them. They have a little boy about 3-4 year old and he is usually asleep by the time I get there. But the other day he was still up and around when I started massaging his mother in the living room. It’s nice to see him because I never get to see him and I love it when he says my name right. Anyway, at the next massage appointment the client told me that the pre-school teacher told her, that the boy was telling the classmate girl to take off your shirt so he can massage them. While it’s a loving gesture and there is no ill intention whatsoever, It might freak out some adults.

So maybe it’s not a good idea that the kids see their parents getting massaged, even if they are properly draped meaning they are covered with sheets and blanket, but still naked or almost naked on a massage table. Then I thought is it a good idea at all for the kids to see their parents massaging each other over the clothes? Just to get the kinks out of neck and shoulders. The type of massage that I teach couples. I think it’s one way to show that the parents love each other and care for each other but then again kids may think it’s ok to do to other kids. I don’t know. I don’t have kids so I have no clue. I don’t know if it’s dependent on their age or what. So if you have any opinions I would love to hear it. So please comment below and let me know!

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11-17-14 Should Kids See This? Kids and Massage – Good or Bad?

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