“Shoulder Massaging Squad”

At one of the elementary schools used as an evacuation center in Iwate, Japan, a group of kid evacuees formed a “Shoulder Massaging Squad” to serve the elderly evacuees everyday. What a heart warming story. I am very proud of them!


(Squad member kids) We came to massage your shoulders!
(Narrator) It’s called “Shoulder Massaging Squad.” These 10 or so squad members are touring the elderly evacuees everyday.
(Elderly) Ahhh it feels good.
(Narrator) This activity that started about a week ago has become a communication space between the kids and elderly who live separately at the evacuation center.
(Elderly) With such small hands… it feels really good.
(Squad member kid) They tell me that I’m strong and it feels good.
(Interviewer) Is shoulder massage difficult?
(Squad member kid) Well, it’s not that hard but my fingers get tired and sore.
(Narrator) While there’s no recreation for the evacuees a new exchange was born between the elderly and kids.

I wish I can teach those kids how to massage without hurting their fingers!!