Silver Creator Award and Things I Learned being a YouTuber (Massage Monday #445)

The other day, I received this mysterious box from YouTube. So this week I’m going to unblock this mystery box and I’ll share few things I’ve learned being a YouTuber.

This is actually no mystery because I know exactly what’s in it but still it’s super exciting because when it happened I thought they would automatically send it to me but it never happened for 2 months. So I had to contact the customer support and ask for a redemption code.

Ok. Here’s a nice message from YouTube. From CEO of YouTube. Thank you. So here it is. Tada. I got the silver play button. Here’s my silver play button. Thank you so much! So when you hit 100,000 subscribers you get this silver button. And it took me more than 8 years to get this.

So thank you so much for subscribing to my channel! I really appreciate it.

It’s amazing because just back in December, I was on track to get this and 2 1/2 years in 2021. Then I had a one big hit thanks to Ninon de L’Enclos who lived 350 years ago and without her legendary beauty and beauty secrets and crazy dating policy, I wouldn’t have got this in 2 months. So thank you Ninon.

Special thanks to all the massage models and shout out to Adam Linkenauger who have taught me how to do YouTube right. This is with him at the VidSummit last year where he was one of the speakers. VidSummit was also a great event where I learned a lot from other successful YouTubers and Gary Vee.

I’m realizing this acts like a mirror so I’ll show you my setting. I have two lighting system. And I have a tripod with my iPhone 6S facing this way. And I have the audio plugged in for my microphone. And in the backside it comes with two holes so I can just hang this on the wall.

So when I started my channel 8 years ago, I was using one of these point and shoot camera with video capability and using the tripod that I got for like $12.00 at Walmart. I’m still using it. I started shooting. And the very first one I didn’t even know how to shoot in HD. As you saw I’m just using my iPhone 6S.

For the background, I just have a plain white sheet pinned to the wall. And I do a rough edit on iMovie. Then I do the final edits on my laptop using Camtasia. So this kind of proves that you don’t have to have expensive gears although I can improve the quality of the audio and video.

So being a you tuber I learned that you cannot make everyone happy and when I started out I wanted to make everyone happy. But over the years I learned it’s impossible. A long time ago I posted a video on acupressure on my foot. And someone commented “Your foot is ugly as hell” and right below the comment, someone else commented “I want to lick your toes.”

That’s the moment I realized I cannot make everyone happy or I have any control over how people feel or react keeping the same material. So I gave up on trying to make everyone happy in general. I figured it’s better to be just me. All I can do is do my best with what I think is good.

I know I have a very soft voice. I have a perfect spa voice. Some people cannot hear me although I’m cranking up on the volume in recent years. But lately, I’m getting comments from ASMR people that they love my voice as it is. So that’s another example of I cannot make everyone happy.

I used to get very annoyed by getting dislikes on my videos but lately if I get more likes than dislikes I’m OK with it. And I usually get way more likes than dislikes so thank you so much. I am grateful and blessed to have such wonderful audience on my channel that have left me positive comments, lot of thank you’s lot of reports that it worked, a lot of kind and encouraging words. So thank you so much for taking your time to comment. It has been the motivation and the fuel for me to keep going besides naming my show of Massage Monday because Monday comes every week and I can’t get out of it.

I tried to respond to all the comments but it’s taken some time as I’m getting more and more comments these days. Of course there are negative comments and I welcome constructive criticism. I don’t really care for vulgar comments without any basis.

I believe that you are what you say about other people. Nice people say nice things about other people and not so nice people say not so nice things about other people. By the way if you want to grow a thick skin have YouTube channel. Although my channel is about massage, couples massage, healing, and relaxation, I’ve been noticing that people love anti-aging topics.

So moving forward I will be doing more research on anti-aging and I’ll be a Guinea pig to try something because I’m very much interested in it too going through pre-menopause myself.

So what is anti-aging? I have my own definition of anti-aging but what is your definition of anti-aging? I would love to hear your definition of anti-aging in the comments below.

My next milestone is 1,000,000 subscribers and get a gold play button from YouTube. If my calculation is right, I will hit that in 12 years. I hope I’ll be around and I hope YouTube will be around. Wish me luck.

Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t forget to subscribe.

Again THNAK YOU SO MUCH for this!

Massage Monday #445 3 Things I learned Being a YouTuber