Skin Rolling

Skin Rolling

This week I’m going to show a technique called skin rolling. It is part of myofascial release to loosen the fascia which is the webbing of the connective tissues between muscles, bones, and organs that holds the body together like a glue under the skin. It’s the fascia that creates the human figures. In other words, if you remove the skin, muscles, bones, and organs from your body and if you are left with just fascia, you will still be in a human form. Or so I learned in school. Interesting, isn’t it?

To do the skin rolling, gently pick up the skin with your thumbs and other fingers. Start rolling as you move across the surface. It’s like creating an ocean swell. You can roll with both hands together. Or with alternating hands. You can do a big roll or small roll. It’s very easy to cause pain because it’s close to pinching especially on the tight spot. It is not pinching so if it’s painful to the receiver, stop pinching.

Fascia is something that gets hard and cause adhesions if there is no movement. It will then limit the range of motion in your body. One of the reasons why exercising is so important for your body. As my massage teacher was always saying “Movement is life!” So start moving! BTW What you just saw was part of Lypossage.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 10-21-13 Skin Rolling

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