Sokuatsu Class in Japan

I am visiting Japan and while I’m here I took an introductory Sokuatsu class. Sokuatsu literally means foot pressure. It’s a massage using your foot.

Compared to Shiatsu which literally means finger pressure and can be very pointy, Sokuatsu covers wider area in general and you will feel less soreness after the treatment.

Here are some of the video clips from the class. I learned how to massage the foot, buttocks, and shoulder using different techniques. It uses different parts of your foot to cover the broad surface, small surface, long line, short line, big point, and small point.

The biggest benefit for the practitioner is that you can save your arms and hands because you only use your foot and body weight to massage. You can also do this sitting in a chair.

It was one hour class. But of course there was a magnitude 4 earthquake few minutes into the class. No kidding. But the class itself was very informative and enjoyable especially when I received the treatment as part of the class. She went well over an hour and this introductory class was only 1,000 yen which is about $10. I’ll include the link below although everything is in Japanese. My big thanks to Nakazawa-san and I highly highly recommend her service.

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Happy Massaging!

Episode #299 7-18-16 Sokuatsu Class in Japan

Sokuatsu Class in Japan: