Spinal Twist (Sideways)

I recently had a client for Thai Massage and she loved this sideways spinal twist and she wanted her boyfriend to do it for her so I’m making this video with her in mind.

Have the receiver lie on the floor on a side with the bottom leg straight and top leg bent at the knee and hip for stability.

Slide your arm under the receiver’s top arm which are the same side. So if the receiver’s lying on the right, the top arm is left arm, slide your left arm under the receiver’s left arm. Place the elbow on the receiver’s hip.

Put the other arm in front of the receiver’s shoulder and grab the other hand.

Take a deep breath together and exhale as you twist your body by pressing the elbow by the hip forward and by pulling your arm by the receiver’s shoulder.

Move your elbow by the hip to a different spot to enjoy the spinal twist of different depth.

If the receiver has enough space between the rib and hip bone, you can also press the receiver’s lower back muscles with your arm and elbow as you twist. Don’t do it if the space is not big enough and your forearm and elbow is touching the receiver’s rib or the spine.

Slide your arms to adjust the distance depending on the receiver’s torso size.

You can also do this on the edge of the bed which makes it easier if the giver has a hard time getting down on the floor.

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Massage Monday #353 – 7-31-17 Spinal Twist Sideways http://bit.ly/mm-073117