Summer Feet Review

This past week I gave Summer Feet a try to possibly suggest to clients who are looking for solutions for smoother feet. I have massaged thousands of feet and sometimes I had to skip the heels because they are too rough to touch. It’s been a week and my feet are still peeling a little bit but overall I would say it worked.

Granted my feet weren’t bad to begin with but they feel smoother. I had some calluses and during the daily updates I said you’re not supposed to force the peeling. Well, I had a senior moment in the shower and I filed this one before shooting the video. And this one I got curious and picked at it and it came off easily but I peeled too much so don’t do it. So these are not true representations but this one I didn’t touch. I still have the callus but it definitely took some layers off cleanly.

I think this is an easy way to reset your feet and you’ll probably see more drastic results if you have very hard or cracked heels as long as you don’t have open wounds and cuts. There are some other warnings here. During the sloughing I carried socks just in case I had to remove the shoes. My carpet doesn’t show but I’m sure I shed a lot so I better vacuum. I’m including the daily updates that I’ve done for the ease of browsing.

6-22-15 Summer Feet Review