Will Summer Feet Work?

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Summer Solstice is this weekend. So summer is almost here. During summer time you may expose your feet more wearing sandals. Recently I was massaging my client’s feet and I just had to skip the heels because they are very hard and dry and cracked and jagged. I didn’t want to hurt myself touching it and also I wouldn’t touch the open cracks.

Coincidentally, my friend was selling a product called Summer Feet. They are designed to give you baby soft feet. My heels have some dryness but they are ok. Definitely not baby soft. But I’ve got some calluses from 30 something years of playing tennis. So I’m going to give this a try.

First soak your feet in warm water. The package has two booties with solutions in it and some stickers. The top of the booties has the line to cut across but my friends told me not to cut all the way because it would be too loose. So I’m going to cut about half way just enough to put my foot in. Perfect. When I did the other one, I didn’t cut enough and I accidentally ripped the top but it’s ok. You can easily close the top and put the tape on it. The instruction tells you to put on socks and be comfy for an hour.

After one hour you remove the booties and wash your feet. Although the instruction doesn’t say this, I’m going to soak my feet again in a plain water for 10 minutes because I read a review on Amazon on a similar product and it said to soak often for better results. I guess the product worked better for bath-takers than the shower-takers. BTW my pedicure was half gone so do not have the pedicure done before you do this.

According to the instruction the dead skin cells will begin to peel in 3-7 days. Supposedly it would look like this!

This week I am going to update if I’m seeing any result with this.

Summer Feet – Day 1

Here’s a quick update on Summer Feet Day 1. I woke up with my feet feeling kind of weird. They feel thick and leathery and when I move them I can feel they are pulling skin on other places on the foot. The surface is very smooth. In fact I almost slipped on the hardwood floor because my feet are so smooth. There are some dry spots. I soaked my feet for 20 minutes.

Summer Feet – Day 2

Here’s a quick update on Summer Feet Day 2. My feet feel thicker and more leathery than yesterday. I see more dry and wrinkly spots and I’m starting to see some cracks on the surface too. I soaked my feet for 30 minutes today.

Summer Feet – Day 3

Here’s an update on Summer Feet Day 3. As the instruction said my feet started to shed. I see more skin coming off around the toes, I think because they rub against each other. This is after 3 hours of massage work in socks and shoes. As you can see the cracks are naturally opening and skin is coming off from there. You are not supposed to force the peeling. The skin is definitely thicker than the skin that comes off after sunburn which is very thin so you do not want to peel. The outer skin has up to 30 layers of skin cells that’s ready to shed so I wonder how many layers are sloughing. I feel like a reptile sloughing. There is absolutely no pain. It feels fuzzy between the toes from the shedding skin. I am pretty impressed! Continuing with the routine I soaked my feet again for 30 minutes today.

Summer Feet – Day 4

Here’s an update on Summer Feet Day 4. As you can see more shedding or sloughing is happening on the harder part of the foot now on the ball of foot and heel and on the side of the foot. The top side of the toes are starting to shed. Between the daily foot bath and shower, the sloughing is pretty much done on the arch. When you wet your feet and rub your feet the skin comes right off. When you take a shower I recommend using a hair catcher to cover your drain because it was catching a lot of big dead skin which can clog the drain. I did another foot soak for 30 minutes today.

Summer Feet – Day 5

Here’s an update on Summer Feet Day 5. Shedding is at its peak on the top of my foot and side of the foot with smaller flakes. It’s taking a while on the callus but it’s still working at it as you can see. I’ll post the final results tomorrow.