Thai Massage Back Lift

Thai Massage Back Lift

This week I’ll show you one of the Thai Massage moves called Back Lift. On this rare occasion I’m the receiver for a change and for a good reason that I will explain later.

With the partner lying face up, straddle your partner standing and gently lift the partner’s back in three locations starting with the lower back. Then move up to the waist and gently lift. Now move up to the ribs area and gently lift. The key is to curl your hands and lift by leaning back with straight arms and straight back instead of just using arm strength with bent arms and bent back.

While preparing this video, I tried to demonstrate the Back Lift on the model but I am 5’2” and about 115 lbs and it was very hard to lift someone who is 6’4” and 185 lbs. It was so much easier the other way around. In fact I was almost levitating off the ground at a first try.

This is a good example that it’s perfectly ok if something doesn’t work. People have different height, weight, flexibility, strength, etc. If something doesn’t work, embrace what’s so and move onto something that works for you. Just remember it is not worth hurting yourself trying to give a good massage.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 5-27-13: Thai Massage Back lift

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