The Most Efficient Self Leg Massage

This week I will share the self leg massage that I came up with. I think it’s the most efficient way to massage your own legs in terms of the surface areas that are massaged at once.

*** If you have a blood clot, please don’t do this ***

So this is how it happened. One day I was experimenting the ways to massage the back of my thighs to mimic a part of Lypossage™ which is a massage modality specifically designed to reduce cellulite. The whole sequence is impossible to do it by yourself. You have to have someone else do it for you but I was just trying to do a small part of it.

First, I put my hands with closed fingers crossed behind my thighs and pulled them up. I thought that was ok but I was hunched over and my lower back didn’t like it and my wrists and forearms weren’t happy either.

So I lifted my leg to do the same and my lower back was happy but my wrists and forearms weren’t happy still. So I started moving my legs instead and my wrists and arms were happy. And my hip joints got to move too and they were happy too.

By the way, when you curve your closed fingers it becomes stronger.

I realized my calf was free and so was my other knee. So I placed the bottom of my calf on the other knee and glided up as I moved my leg. Now I’m massaging the calf muscles and hamstrings at the same time. Move your hands up and down your hamstrings and change the angle of your calf to massage different spots.

I tried the same thing on the front and it worked well on the sides of the thigh on the IT band and inner thigh.

I went hiking and my lower legs were tired so I put fists next to the shin bone and combined it with the knee to calf move. But it was kind of wobbly so I wrapped one thumb on the other thumb and they were more stable. Now I’m massaging the lower leg front and back at the same time.

The connected fists worked well on the front of the thigh too. When I moved my wrists downward as I moved my leg, it worked even better. Now I’m massaging the calf and quads at the same time. I bet you are feeling the circulation on your leg now. You can do this lying on your back too.

Another variation is to massage the other calf with your heel as you move your leg.

Repeat on the other side.

I’m going to do six times each. I’m wearing leggings in the video but I usually do this on a bare skin with a lubricant.

Do these work for you? Try these and let me know what you think.

Massage Monday #644-2 Most Efficient Self Leg Massage