The Second Best Acupressure Point

This week I will share the second best acupressure point in terms of versatility. This is sequel to the best acupressure point that I did two years ago. I can’t believe it’s been two years already.

This is based on the result of a survey done on 100 acupuncturists in Japan some time ago and what they selected as the best acupressure points.

The first one was Large Intestine or LI 4 on your hand between your thumb and index finger which is versatile for all kinds of pain and other symptoms. The second best point is Stomach 36 or ST 36.

Just like Large Intestine 4, Stomach 36 should be avoided if you are pregnant.

In general, this point is great for boosting energy, strengthening immune system and digestive system and detox.

Stomach 36 is located four fingers below the knee cap and one thumb width outside of the shin bone. There is a distinct feeling so you will know when you are pressing the right spot. Press with a hooked thumb, overlapped thumbs, or with the heel of the other leg once you know the location for one minute or 5 seconds at a time as you breathe deeply. Moxibustion is very effective too.

As the name Stomach 36 suggests, it lies on the Stomach Meridian and this point is effective for digestive issues such as stomachache, indigestion, GERD, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. It helps to detox your system.

Locally, this point helps to improve leg circulation and take away and prevent fatigue, cramps, swelling and numbness of the leg, and knee pain. It boosts energy for your tired legs after a long day of leg activities such as standing, walking, running and biking.

Other benefits include toothache, gum disease, hiccups, breathing issues such as asthma and wheezing, emotional issues such as PMS, depression, nervousness, and insomnia, and sexual dysfunction and libido especially for male.

If you feel a relief with one treatment, great but acupressure point doesn’t work like a magic button to cure everything by pressing just once. Stimulate the point on a regular basis for better results in a longer term.

I will show the third best acupressure point in another two years. I’m just kidding. I’m sure I will do it sooner.

Massage Monday #665 Second Best Acupressure Point