Thumbsavers Review (Massage Monday #557)

I injured my poor right thumb. This week I will review the Thumbsavers to see if it will save my thumb.

Hi everyone, I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Recently, I injured my thumb during massage. I don’t know what I did it but after the massage it started hurting. I think it’s the flexor tendon on my thumb. I have tweaked it in the past but usually, it heals pretty quickly. But this time it’s lingering and not getting better. There is no way I can do Shiatsu pressing acupressure points with this thumb.

It’s even hard to hold chopsticks. And that means it’s a matter of life or death. I’m just kidding.

So I decided to try the Thumbsavers. I’ve known about this for a long time but I never tried it because I never needed it. This week I will review the Thumbsaver to see if it will really save my thumb.

So here is a pair of Thumbsavers. They come in 3 sizes based on the size of the thumb joint. My thumb joint was exactly 7/8” so I got the medium. You put it on with the long side outside. I guess they moved the holes on these. It’s pretty hard but the plastic is not completely rigid. It bends easily so I’m sure you can adjust the length by cutting if you have to. The left one is loose because my left thumb joint is 6/8” or 3/4”.

It’s very light. Only .4 oz or 11 grams.

I’ve actually given Deep Tissue massages with this on although I didn’t really use my right thumb that much. It was good that my thumb didn’t hurt but it was very hard because I couldn’t feel the muscles at all. And it was very slippery over a lubricant. I didn’t tell my clients about this but I heard they loved my massage so I was relieved. Phew.

I just received my overdue massage and I asked the therapist to use this on me so I could feel what the clients would feel. She too was struggling because she couldn’t feel my muscles and it was very slippery. She said she would love this if it was little bit softer and if she could feel the muscles. For me as a receiver knowing about this, it didn’t feel bad but it was different. It was like there was a barrier between the connection.

I’ve talked to another therapist who used to use this when she was starting out as a massage therapist but she doesn’t use it anymore because she cannot feel the muscles. But that was the opinions of professional massage therapists. I need to practice and experiment more but I think this will save my thumb while it heals. And I’m very grateful that there’s such device.

If you have weak thumbs and want to give a massage at home, I think these will really save your thumbs.

I think this works well for a slow massage with less lubricant which is exactly what Deep Tissue is. And Shiatsu. I pressed some acupressure points on the therapist over her clothes after the massage and she loved it. I think she is also overdue for a massage. The tip is round but the contact point is small so it’s pointy so you can really press those acupressure points without straining your thumbs.

Even if you don’t massage at home, if you need to protect your thumb or keep it straight, I recommend this Thumbsaver. I will include the Amazon affiliate link in the description below.

Thumbsavers on Amazon

Most importantly, let’s see if I can wrap the rice with a seaweed with the Thumbsaver on. It’s not easy but I can. I will survive.

Massage Monday #557 Thumbsavers Review