Thyroid Massage to Look 40 Years Younger? (Massage Monday #426)

Last week I showed the Reflexology for thyroid. As I was researching about thyroid, I came across a thyroid massage which was very interesting.

It was about a story of Ninon de L’Enclos. I think I’m butchering the French name. I’m sorry. She lived in France in the 17th century under Louis XIV. She had a very interesting life as a courtesan or a high society prostitute. She was rebellious yet philosophical smart lady, and also she was very beautiful. Supposedly, she looked 30 when she was 70. That’s 40 years younger than her age.

Luckily, before she passed she revealed her beauty secrets to few people. And her long time assistant published it after her death. And one of them was very simple neck massage around the thyroid and face massage.

So this week I’m going to show you the thyroid massage and face massage that Ninon did to keep her beauty.

Thyroid is located just below the Adam’s Apple.

First, rub your hands 20 times to generate heat. Put your warm hands on your thyroid and caress the neck towards the back using the entire palm. Do this 50 times. I’m going to time this.

The key is to do it lightly. Some people say you must use the good quality oil as a lubricant so it won’t cause too much friction on the skin to cause skin damage.

I think it’s ok if you do it lightly as long as you don’t have a dry skin. If you have a dry skin then definitely use a good quality organic oil as a lubricant.

As I mentioned last week, thyroid regulates growth and metabolism. It also helps with skin and hair. So maybe it’s true that her thyroid and face massage routine contributed to her eternal beauty. And maybe also her longevity because she lived till 84 which is pretty amazing when the life expectancy was only 35 at that time.

Or maybe it’s because she had a policy of never getting married and keeping her lover for no more than 3 months. Who knows. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments on this below.

That’s 50 times and if took 81 seconds.

If this is not easy you can do this one side at a time but it will take twice as long.

Next, put your hands under the chin and caress upward along the face line towards the temple. Do this 50 times.

Do this once a day if you have that much discipline and dedication like Ninon did.

After doing these 50 times my arms and shoulders were burning and very sore. I tried it lying on my back and it was much easier because you can use the gravity to glide and don’t have to lift upwards.

Why not add this to the anti-aging fat-reducing facelift massage which is one of the most popular videos on my channel? I’ll put the link here and below.

Since I’m still busy beautifying my face, here’s one story about her. She had a son with a wealthy man. The father of the son raised him with an agreement that she would not reveal her identity as his mother. But when she was 60, her son visited her because he was madly in love with her. She brushed him off at first but he would not give up and kept coming back. Since he was so persistent in wanting to be in a relationship with her, she had to tell him that she was his mother. The son left and committed suicide the same day.

So that was 50 and it took another 81 seconds.

So neck or thyroid and face massage was one of her beauty secrets. The other secret was a beauty tonic that she used as a moisturizer for her face and I got some of the ingredients here. These are my Christmas gifts to myself for the eternal beauty. I will try this and share it with you later.

My ultimate goal is to look like this in 40 years. So in 2058, I hope we’ll both be here to witness it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Massage Monday #426 – Thyroid Massage to Look 40 Years Younger?