Top 3 Bad Postures to Avoid in Couples Massage

Happy Valentine’s Day month! To honor the special day for couples this month I will share things related to Couples Massage. When you give each other a massage what kills you besides circling your straight thumbs is a bad posture.

Bad posture will cause a pain for the massage giver and make the whole massage giving experience unpleasant and torturous and you say to yourself, “Massage is so hard I will never do this again!” which is very unfortunate.

So this week I will share the top 3 bad postures to avoid in Couples Massage or any massage really. This is a good reminder for myself.

Bad posture #3 – Tilted Bodytilted body during couples massage

When you tilt your body to one side there will be a burden somewhere on your body. For example one side has to work harder than the other side. And your neck has to support the head on one side. Adult head weighs about 10 lbs so think of your head as a bowling ball. Ideally the head and shoulders are leveled and the head is centered.



Bad posture #2 – Twisted Bodybad posture to avoid in couples massage

When you give massage by twisting your body your back will be unhappy in no time. In general you should be massaging in front of you or in the direction where your belly button is facing.



Bad posture #1 – Rounded Back


bad postures to avoid in couples massageThis is very common when people are focused on trying to give a good massage or trying to give more pressure with finger strength rather than body weight. If you give a massage with rounded back too long you won’t be able to stand straight because your neck, should, and back will be hurting.

If you are standing, keep your back straight by using a wider stance front and back or sideways and use your knees to adjust the height. If you are sitting, move from your hip and keep your armpit closed as much as you can.


To avoid all these common pitfalls, imagine you have a bowl of water on your head and your mission is not to spill during massage. Hope this helps to eliminate the torturous experience of giving massage.

Happy Massaging!

2-1-16 Top 3 Bad Postures to Avoid in Couples Massage