Top Five Videos and Future Videos

When I started my channel I was thinking it would be so cool to have 1 million views on my videos. And this past week I finally reached my 1 million views on my channel. Thank you so much for your encouraging words along the way.

I looked back and see what’s been popular so I can determine what to do in the future videos. Here are my top five videos.

#5: What Is Coining? Also known as scraping or Guasha. If you are not familiar with this modality you’ll see how it’s done and you will also get to see my bruised body in this video.

#4: Acupressure Points to Induce Labor. These are the acupressure points for soon-to-be mothers and babies who have missed their due date. These are the acupressure points to avoid during pregnancy too.

#3: Futon Setup by The Pros at Japanese Hotel (Onsen Ryokan). This is nothing to do with massage. I guess you can say it’s related to relaxation but you get to see the glimpse of elegantly meticulous Japanese culture in this video.

#2: Acupressure Points for Constipation. I received some happy “evacuation” reports on this one so I’m very happy these points are helping the people with constipation.

#1: And the all time #1 video is (Drumroll) Anti-Aging Facelift Massage. How to get rid of face fat. In this video I demonstrated one version of Japanese beautician late Yukuko Tanaka’s self face massage. Her method is known to make your face smaller and lifted. Again I am stoked to see the positive reports on the effectiveness of this method.

If you’ve never seen these videos here’s the playlist where you can see them all.

So I will continue to do the acupressure points and maybe do some more anti-aging stuff which I am totally interested myself. Just so you know when I do acupressure points I do a research and compare in English and in Japanese. I find it interesting that sometimes the set of acupressure points used for certain conditions are very different between English and Japanese. That’s why you may see the ones that you do not find in English.

But this is what I think is good. I like to take this opportunity to invite you to send me your requests and suggestions on what you want to see from this YouTuber. I recently attended Build Your Channel workshops at YouTube Space LA and scored these sunglasses from their free UFO catcher game. Anyway if you have any requests or suggestions please comment below or message me.

7-20-15 Top Five Videos