Trigger Points for Front Thigh Pain – Sartorius (Massage Monday #401)

This week I’m going to show the Trigger Points for front thigh pain, specifically for the pain pattern that comes from the hip bone, across the thigh and to the inner knee.

Sometimes the trigger points that cause certain pain are located remotely and not where it hurts, which makes Trigger Point Therapy very fascinating. But in this case, they are located where it hurts on the muscle called Sartorius.

Here is a beautiful display of Sartorius. It’s the longest muscle in your body.

In the anatomy class, we were taught “Sartorius is notorious for being the longest muscle in the body” as how to remember this muscle.

You can locate this muscle by bending the knee and turning the knee outward. When you kick a soccer ball this muscle is really used.

I have seen anywhere from 3 to 6 trigger points on this particular muscle.

If any of these locations are painful, massage with slow deep strokes with supported fingers or overlapped thumbs to release them. I hope this is helpful.

Massage Monday #401 – Trigger Point for Front Thigh Pain – Sartorius