Trtl Pillow Review

So I came back from Japan. As much as I love visiting Japan I hate the long flight. My neck always hurts and after the long flight it’s so much worse. I’ve tried different neck pillows in the past – I’ve tried a blow up pillow and also I’ve tried a memory foam pillow. And they worked ok but not quite.

In this trip I tried a new neck pillow with a very different concept and design. It’s called Trtl pillow. It’s basically a wrap with a plastic skeleton inside. You simply wrap it around your neck and secure it with a Velcro. The one side rests on your shoulder and you rest your head on the webbing between the support but it’s thick and padded so it’s very comfortable.

You can turn it around to support your left side, right side, or the front. I often find myself with my mouth open which is not very sexy. This pillow looks like a scarf and you can cover your mouth if it accidentally opens while you sleep. You can also put lavender oil or whatever you like to enjoy the scent, help you relax or to cover up the bad odor from your neighbor. The plastic support is very light. The sleeve is machine washable. It’s compact and light and it easily attaches to the bag handle.

My neck was much happier using this pillow so I think I’ve found THE neck pillow that will come with me to my next trip. I also use this at home when I work on my computer to keep my neck straight. I use this pillow even during a meditation class because I’m usually tired after a long day of work and I go very deep and my head starts rocking in no time. I just have to set it perfectly the first time because I cannot be playing with the Velcro in a very quiet environment.

The only issue with this pillow is that it can get hot because it’s made of fleece. I’ve already submitted a request to come up with something lighter material. I’ve also read reviews that this is too small for some people. I think they need more length between the shoulder and the head. But I’m small framed so the original size works for me no problem. Here’s the link so you can check it out if you are in search for a new neck pillow.

Massage Monday #337 – Trtl Neck Pillow Review