Ultimate Couples Massage Experience

I recently wrote an article on how to enhance your Couples Massage experience at home. I described how you can enhance it for each of the five senses we have and thought this would be the ultimate Couples Massage experience with everything combined.

1) Sense of hearing – Minimize the potential distraction so turn off the TV, phone, and computer and pray your kids or pets stay calm. Play a relaxing music in the background with no annoying commercials if it’s online source.

2) Sense of sight – If you cannot dim the room light, use candles or Himalayan salt lamp for nice ambiance. Or turn on the fireplace.

3) Sense of smell – Use scented massage oil, lotion, candles, or diffuser to enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy. For stress and anxiety use Lavender Angstifolia, Petitgrain, and Jasmine. For sensuality or aphrodisiac effect use Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood. Caution: Do NOT use Jasmine essential oil if you are pregnant.

4) Sense of touch (feel) – you cannot relax in a freezing environment so the room temperature should be not too cold or not too hot for both giver and receiver. To relax the entire body before massage prepare a milk bath with bubbles or rose petals. Nice plush sheepskin to lie on is a great idea. People get cold or hot during massage so have a blanket handy just in case. Keep your hands warm and soft because cold hands are startling. Remove calluses to avoid scratching the partner’s skin.

5) Sense of taste – you do not eat during massage and you should not receive massage when you are drunk but little bit of alcohol can help you relax. One of my clients’ husband had prepared champagne with raspberries in pretty tall glasses and chocolate dipped strawberries. I was very impressed.

So this is my ultimate Couples Massage setup. If you think of any other ways to enhance the Couples Massage please share in the comments below.

Massage Monday #328 – Ultimate Couples Massage Experience http://bit.ly/mm-020617