Unique Christmas Cards Ideas

Unique Christmas Cards Ideas

‘Tis the season for holiday cards. This week I’m going to show you what I put in the holiday cards for my massage clients. So I started doing this several years ago and I first started with my couples massage clients who have taken my couples massage class. For them I started putting this hot and spicy taco seasoning mix. I thought this would be a funny gift when they open their holiday card to find this inside. But I realized this small packet has six servings and each serving has 580mg of sodium or 24% of daily value. So this one has almost 150% of daily sodium value so I figured this is not healthy and I don’t know if people like tacos so I stopped doing this. Instead I started putting a tea bag.

Tea bag is nice because

it’s very light and flexible so it doesn’t cost you any postage to mail this out. I usually put two tea bags for the couple who live in the same place. Or if they don’t live together then I send this out to each individual. I do that to my massage clients too. This is also nice because it makes the mail bulkier so it has higher chance of getting opened. And of course people get to enjoy the tea when they make the tea. Maybe a cup or two hopefully thinking about me.

Anyways I started sending this my friends to and of course they loved it and it’s nice because sometimes they send me a card with the tea of their choice inside with the tea bag inside. It’s really nice. Of course I’ll be thinking about them too.

So this is one idea to make your holiday card or any card different and something special with your personal touch. I hope you like this idea. I encourage you to do it because these days everything is so digital so a nice hand written card with a personal touch would be very nice.

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