Valentine’s Day Massage Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Massage Gift Guide

Today I’m going to share the Valentine’s Day massage gift guide. If your partner loves massage, you can give a gift certificate for a massage. If you also love massage, why not get a couples massage where you both get massage in the same room by two therapists. The thing is, these gifts last only once. If you want to make the massage gift very unique, memorable and last for a long time, learn how to massage your partner. For example:

1. T-Glide
Sit by the receiver’s head. Take a deep breath together. As you exhale together, gently glide your fingers over the receiver’s breast bone in the center and come back as you inhale together. Then as you both exhale, glide your fingers over the chest between the collarbone and breasts from the center to the receiver’s armpit and come back. Use your torso to follow your hands.

2. Finger Slide Neck
Sit by the partner’s head lying face up. Place your hands underneath the partner’s head with your fingertips at the bottom of the neck. Slide your fingers from the base of the neck all the way to the base of the skull. Instead of just using the hands, move your torso to save your hands and fingers. Stay on the neck muscles next to the spine. To increase the pressure, curl your fingers and slow down. In general it feels deeper when you slow down. The receiver’s neck should be completely relaxed too because the weight of the receiver’s head also gives a pressure. To reduce the pressure, flatten your fingers.

3. Thumb Press Arch
Sit by the receiver’s feet. Hold both feet with your hands. Match the breathing and as you exhale together, press the arches on several locations with your thumbs. Go up and down the arch on the same spots on both feet. As long as you don’t have long fingernails, hook your thumbs and lean in for more pressure.

These are some techniques from my video books You Knead Me: 10 Easy Ways To Massage Your Partner’s Chest and Tummy, Neck, and Feet. Here’s another idea. If you want your partner to improve their massage skills, give these books to them as a hint that you can use a better massage at home. Think of how much it’s worth to you if your partner gives you a better massage. You can get the eBook versions for less than a typical Valentine’s Day card. Make every day Valentine’s Day with good backrubs.
Happy Massaging!