Video #2 – Omoiyari Touch and The First Step

Starting the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging with Omoiyari Touch is simple and easy. I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your body but in this video I will introduce you to a completely different mindset you can try on to care for your body.

In the last video I talked about how the external anti-aging isn’t the best solution for the true anti-aging and I explained why the Holistic Anti-Aging approach is a better way to take care of yourself and others. I also talked about the 3 reasons why you need it. If you haven’t watched the first video, make sure to do it now because then you will understand this video better.

So what is Omoiyari? I said Omoiyari is a Japanese word for caring and being considerate but it means more than that. It’s a compassionate kind act to make a positive change by understanding and aligning your thoughts and feelings with the other person. In other words, you put yourself in their shoes and do something good for their benefit without expecting a return.

With that said, the first thing you need to do is to personify your body parts and start treating each part like a person.

For example, your eyes. If you were your own eyes, how much strain are you going through looking at computer monitors and cell phones? Eyes protect you from the environment, they help you gain knowledge from reading, they help you see the beauty in the world, and they are the windows for your soul and they show your feelings.

What about your neck? Your neck is supporting your head which is about 11 lbs or about 5 kg. It’s like a bowling ball. Can you imagine holding up a bowling ball all day long? And when you tilt your head forward by 1 inch or about 2.5 cm, it adds 10 more lbs or 4.5 kg to your neck. So that’s a total of 21 lbs or 9.5 kg that you now have to hold up. That’s a lot of burden to your neck muscles.

As your own feet, how much body weight are you holding up when you are standing? Are you pounding on a hard surface carrying the body weight? What kind of shoes are you confined in for a long time? Do any of your toes get stubbed on a furniture a lot only to get cursed? Do you often step on Lego pieces laying around?

What about your internal organs like stomach? If you were your own stomach, are you happy with the food and drinks passed down from your mouth? Are you having to work extra hard because of the type of food and the amount of food you must digest yet you hear complaints about indigestion and acid reflux?

As your own heart, you have been pumping blood even before you were born. But since you were born, how many times have you pumped the blood so the blood can deliver oxygen to every single one of 30-40 trillion cells in your body? To get an idea, take out your calculator and measure your pulse per minute. Multiply your pulse per minute. Mine was 89 x 60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days x 50 that’s my age. It’s actually too much for my calculator because it has the little E on it. So I’m going to do it on my computer. And it is 2.338 billion times my heart has been pumping. Thank you so much. Are you amazed with how hard your heart has been working totally voluntarily without you even asking? When is the last time you thanked your heart?

Oh and the liver. Did you know that your liver has more than 500 vital functions in your body? How do you feel if you are required to do 500 important jobs to keep yourself alive?

As you start paying attention to these different body parts as individual working very hard, you will have a different relationship with your body. I bet you are left with nothing but appreciation, maybe even an apology for abusing or complaining or neglecting them for years. I hear that body parts also have feelings and they can hold grudges too. So be careful what you say to your body parts.

There is a healing power coming out of your hands. In Japanese, treating sickness or injury is called “Te-a-te.” Te means hand and Ate means applying. In fact, when you have a pain you tend to touch the area with your hands like tooth ache, neck ache, stomach ache, and back ache.

Think about which body part needs to be appreciated and apply your hand or hands over it and talk to the body part. And say what needs to be said. This is the simplest form of Omoiyari Touch.

Soon I will be releasing my Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle with Japanese Acupressure, Couples Massage to up the intimacy and things you can do to your face to aid the glow from the inside. I will share more information about it in a few days.

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In the next video I will tell you the #1 secret to get the best results and practice some more Omoiyari Touch together. Thanks so much for watching! I’ll see you in the next video.