Video #5 – Example and Results of Omoiyari Touch

In this video I will share a story of my client who easily overcame the fear and reluctance of giving a massage and implemented massage in their daily lives.

Her name is Linda. She wanted to massage her dear husband but she had a major physical limitation and it was very difficult to massage him. But once she learned the easy tricks she actually started enjoying giving massage to her husband.

In the last four videos I covered a lot of groundwork and showed the foundation of the Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging. If you haven’t watched those videos, make sure you catch up so you understand what the Omoiyari Touch is and what it’s all about.

Back to the story of Linda. She is happily married to her husband who is a cancer survivor. She loves massages herself and she wanted to give massage to her husband as a loving gesture. But she had a severe arthritis with she said 12 bone spurs at the thumb joint. So as you can imagine, there is no way she could use her fingers to massage.

When they took my class for their anniversary, I showed her the very simple techniques to massage her husband’s neck and shoulders. And she couldn’t believe how easy it was even with her arthritis.

In fact, she started enjoying giving massages to her husband because she said it was very soothing for her, too which I could totally relate.

This is one of the moves she learned. Angle your forearm to target the shoulder muscles right behind the top of the shoulder. Roll the forearm from the neck to the shoulder. Stop right before the shoulder bone because bone on bone hurts. Start with the palm facing down. If you start with the palm facing up, there is not much room to roll. Make sure your hand is relaxed.

She really got the body mechanics and she goes into a meditative state as she uses her body flow to massage her husband.

And of course, her husband was happy to be receiving the massage and because he was happy, she was happy. She was also happy to be contributing to his health. They took the class back in 2012 and they are still practicing after all these years which makes me super happy. Because they are touching each other on a regular basis, she told me they were able to manage stress, and knots on their shoulders better, and their bonding got stronger.

Here are what other clients say about my Couples Massage Class.

Ellen says:

“This was the first time going to a masseuse that actively advocates the concept of couples adopting massages for each other as a routine in their lifestyle. I didn’t think much of it in the beginning but now I understand why it’s such a sweet gesture you can offer to your partner.

It’s relaxation and pleasure that you offer selflessly when you provide a massage to your partner. In that moment, it’s about nourishing the other person, acknowledging their hard work and effort for being a good human day by day (this world is demanding!) and every physical effort on your part is a way to express the genuinity of your intentions through actions than words.”

Rachel says:

“Bought a couple’s massage class as a Valentine’s day gift for my husband and had a great experience.  I learned techniques for both sitting and laying positions to more effectively massage while not straining my own back or hands.  We practiced communicating openly throughout and learned helpful rules of thumb to remember.

Great way to bond with your partner and learn practical tips and techniques to help each other relax–truly a gift that keeps on giving!”

Couples Massage is one of the things I’m teaching in my upcmoing Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle that I’m launching in a few days.

Imagine knowing how to take care of your loved ones including yourself at home or anywhere with Omoiyari Touch as you deepen the connection and have inner peace which will show up on your face.

When the registration opens in a few days, I will be keeping the group relatively small so you get the support you need and it would be great if I get to know you. To be fair the spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you haven’t already, put your email in the early-bird waitlist and I will let you know the registration link one day before I open it to the public.

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In the next and final video, I will tell you more about the Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle. Thanks for watching til the end. I’ll see you in the next video in a few days.