Video #6 – More about Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging and Q&A

Welcome to the final video of my 6-part video series on Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging with Omoiyari Touch. I just want to say thank you to those who watched the entire video series. You are amazing! My early-bird list has grown a bit bigger than I expected so thank you for your interest.

I’ve also received questions regarding my upcoming Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle so I will be answering those here as well in case others have the same question.

Before I do that I just want to recap everything I’ve covered in this video series. If you’ve watched the last five videos, you know that Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging approach to bust the stress from the inside and outside is a much better way to bring out the authentic beauty rather than just fixing the outside.

I also showed what the Omoiyari Touch is and how you can get started easily with yourself and with your partner. I covered different components which are part of Japanese culture that I’m proud of, and the secrets to successfully achieve the results. I also shared the example of Couples Massage that my client enjoys practicing even with the severe arthritis on her hands.

There is no reason why you cannot do Japanese Holistic Anti-Aging because it doesn’t require hours of your time or special skills.

With that being said, I am excited to announce that registration for my Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle is about to open in the next couple of days and I will be taking a small group of people and teach them how to take care of themselves and their partner using Japanese Acupressure and Couples Massage. With the power of Omoiyari Touch, you will enhance the relationship with yourself and your partner as you bring balance to your body, mind, soul.

I’ve mentioned that the Japanese Acupressure portion will be very different from what you are used to seeing on my YouTube channel. That’s, I’ve been very fortunate to work with a Japanese Acupuncturist who has been practicing for over 25 years and treated more than 90,000 patients in Japan. His name is Fumihiko Ozaki pictured here. When I told him about my project he really liked the idea of Omoiyari Touch and he has provided the guidance, knowledge and materials and I’m pretty much just translating the course he created for me. The course has become way more robust than I initially imagined. So you are or I should say we are in for a treat!

I will tell you more about him and the course in the next video. The acupressure videos that I’ve shared have worked for many people and that’s great. I’m happy about that. But they were more for temporary solution for the symptoms. What we will be covering in the bundle will give you a much deeper understanding of the Eastern Medicine approach and what could be the real cause of the issue, not just symptoms.

In the Bundle, I am also including some face massages and exercises. Ever since I turned 50 my interest level for anti-aging has gone up a lot and that of course includes how it looks. I have been getting quite a few comments on the improvement I have on my look. Thank you so much for your generous comments! I used to think it was just the lighting but I do work on my face with Omoiyari Touch a lot so maybe my effort’s paying off.

I have been learning from books, YouTube videos and attending seminars in Japan via Zoom. That’s one thing that was good about this pandemic. Some people started offering classes online so I could take them even from the United States. So in the Bundle, I will be sharing what I’ve been learning and doing on my face.

As I promised, I’m going to answer some questions.

Question: Is this for beginners?
Answer: Yes this is very beginner-friendly. You don’t need any experience or knowledge of massage or acupressure to practice this. Everything is broken down into small bite-size chunks.

Question: Will this replace doctor visits?
Answer: No. It is not intended to replace any type of treatment or therapy that you currently have with medical professionals or certified professionals in their areas of expertise.

Question: Will this replace Massage Therapist?
Answer: This is not intended to replace your favorite Massage Therapist. Being a Massage Therapist myself, I wouldn’t do that to my colleagues. Massage is like cooking. You go to an expensive restaurant to eat a meal prepared by a trained chef or you cook at home. You enjoy both situations. Rachel Ray is not replacing 4-star Michelin chefs with her cooking instructions.

Massage is the same thing. You can enjoy a looong quality massage by a trained Massage Therapist like me or you can enjoy a quick massage at home or anywhere where a trained Massage Therapist is not readily available.

But practicing the massage at home will raise the bottom line of your health so when you do go to see your favorite massage therapist, your health level will be even higher.

Question: Do you need to be in the United States to take this course?
Answer: No, this is an online course so you can be anywhere on this planet as long as you have an internet connection. You can even be in Antarctica if you have an internet access. And if you are really in Antarctica please do let me know because then I can say my video has been watched in ALL the continents in the world.

Question: I am not available when the early-bird registration opens. Will I miss the chance to register?
Answer: No. The registration remains open for several days so you don’t have to be available the moment it opens. But the space is limited and it’s first come first served basis so don’t wait too long.

And I know a lot of people are wondering how much this bundle is going to cost. I haven’t decided yet on the final price but it’s not going to be that expensive and there’s also going to be a payment plan to make it easier.

I will have a video and a special page with more information and outlines of the courses that will go live in a few days. Again I’d like to keep the group small and intimate so I can better support you and get to know you.

If you want to be notified when the registration opens, make sure you put yourself in the early-bird list from the link below. I will be sending email to everyone on the early-bird waitlist with a special registration link one day before I open it to the public.

Japanese Anti-Aging Bundle Early-Bird Waitlist

That’s all from me for now. I hope you enjoyed the video series and I can’t wait to welcome the new students in a few days. Thank you for watching. And I hope to see you in the bundle!