Behind the Scene of Video Shoot for PureWave by Pado

This week I’m here at PureWave by Pado. It’s my favorite massage device that I’ve shared before. We had this professional video shoot for the tutorial videos that they will host on their website.

I had a great time working with wonderful crew and a beautiful model Juliet who has no wrinkles or cellulite and did great doing a tough job of receiving massage.

Here’s behind the scenes. This room looks like a massage room but they just converted their conference room using a professional designer. I think he did an awesome job to create this nice spa ambience.

They also used this 4K camera which captured the very detail of the massage action by me and PureWave. I am scared of being shot with 4K camera by the way because it captures all the fine lines very clearly.

Here are some of the self massage videos. And interview shot.

These videos will be posted on their website and their Facebook page which you can go by typing PureWave on Facebook.

6-27-16 Video Shoot for PureWave by Pado