WASHLET – A Must Do in Japan (Massage Monday #450)

This week I’m traveling right now and I thought of introducing something that you have to try whenever you go to Japan. It’s one of the greatest inventions of Japan. It’s called Washlet.

It’s the toilet that washes you after your business. Pretty much you see them all over the place in the city and hotels.

The control panel comes next to the seat or on the wall. Hopefully it has English labels so don’t have surprises on the throne but it’s worth exploring different options. You may have to figure it out from the pictures on the button. Blue/butt button for men/butt. Pink button for ladies. Small arrow for flushing #1 and big arrow for flushing #2. Japanese language doesn’t have a distinction between L and R or A and U. In this case, FRASH is meant to be FLUSH.

Here’s the wash option. You can oscillate it too. Here’s the bidet option for ladies. And with oscillation. You can fine tune the pressure and position using the buttons.

Of course, if it’s not maintained well and doesn’t look sanitary, don’t do it but it’s worth a try and I bet you will be hooked.

You can get it on Amazon too. The price starts around $200 and goes up to more than thousand dollars. You have to have a plug for warming the seat and water if you install it at home.

Here’s some behind the scenes. This particular model wouldn’t start unless I step on it to mimic someone is sitting on the seat. Just imagine how I was shooting this video. And at first, I had my hand too far and missed the water and the water was shooting against the wall across the hallway. Oops!

Massage Monday #450 WASHLET – A Must Do in Japan http://bit.ly/mm-450