What is my Couples Massage Class? (Massage Monday #585)

In case you didn’t know, I love teaching Couples Massage Class. This week I will tell you all about my private Couples Massage Class in Q & A format like, how it’s done, why I’m doing this, who takes it, what they say about it and where you can take it, which is now much closer than you think with little announcement.

Why am I teaching this class?

I came across massage by accident. I was living with my ex-boyfriend at the time. And there was a certain incident which led me to want to prove that I could do massage too. There is more to this story but let’s just say it involves another woman. Anyways, I started looking for a massage class and I couldn’t find any for non-professionals.

The smallest massage class I could find was one-month 100-hour Intensive Swedish Massage Class offered at a local massage school. It was almost $1,000 but I was determined so I signed up. In a massage class, you pair up with another student and practice on each other. 

One day, I was paired with a big guy who was like 6’5”. He was huge. While I was massaging, he fell asleep and started snoring and drooling. It was very healing for me to be able to heal someone and I needed a lot of healing at that time because of that incident. 

Since I couldn’t find any casual massage class, I knew then that I wanted to teach Couples Massage to those who want to learn to give and receive better massages at home. So after the Swedish Massage Class, I signed up for the 1000-hour program to learn as many different modalities and techniques as possible. 

Now I get to share the massage techniques that are easy and effective and enjoyable at home combined with my experience as a Massage Therapist over 13 years and more than 7,000 massages and counting.  

While I was going to the massage school, I remembered this beautiful Japanese culture where the kids and grandkids tap the shoulders of parents and grandparents to show their love and respect. I wanted to integrate the caring touch as an expression of love. 

I hope that the power of touch that I share will enhance the quality of the loving relationships. I also believe that when a couple is happier and peaceful, it will have ripple effects to their kids, friends, neighbors, work, school, etc.

How is it done?

I usually teach Couples Massage Class privately one-on-one with me and the couple in the office or at their home. When they sign up I have them choose which area they want to learn how to massage on each other. Based on their answer, I create a customized menu. 

The most popular areas are neck and shoulders and upper back and lower back. As you can imagine, these are where people carry lots of stress.

Who takes Couples Massage Class?

I’ve had couples of various ages at different stages of their relationships – dating, engaged, just married and married for a long time. The one thing that’s common is no matter what the age or stage is, they are full of loving energy and willing to give to their partners.  

Why do they take my couples massage class?

Couples come to my class for various reasons. Often it’s purchased as a birthday gift, Anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day gift or Christmas gift for their partner. Or as a unique activity for a date. Or they simply want to improve their massage skills to show their love and appreciation for their partner and heal their partner’s body and mind.

Usually they come in having tried to massage each other at home but they couldn’t last for more than few minutes because they simply don’t know the easy and effective ways to massage and end up hurting their fingers. 

By the way, this is the worst way to massage.

What do I teach in my Couples Massage Class?

I teach massage techniques that do not depend on your finger strength. So it’s easier on your hands as a giver and it feels amazing to the receiver.  

Massage technique is one thing but I also emphasize on how you communicate during the massage. Your way of being as a giver and a receiver is as important as the massage techniques to make the whole massage experience great. 

Do you need a massage table?

No. In my couples massage class, I do not use a massage table because I want my clients to use the skills anywhere and anytime as long as the environment is appropriate.

As I mentioned, my first class was Swedish Massage which is the typical spa-style massage in the United States. Swedish massage uses a massage table. You lie naked or almost naked on the table with a proper cover. And you use a lubricant like massage oil or massage lotion and glide over the skin.

After learning the Swedish Massage, I went back to Japan and I wanted to massage my father but I couldn’t because I didn’t know how without the massage table. I had to have a massage table.  

Later, I learned Shiatsu and Thai Massage which are traditionally done over the clothes on a mattress on the floor. They do not use a massage table. Then the next time I went back to Japan, I was able to massage my father on a futon in a tatami room when we travelled to hot springs.

From my experience I was convinced that I wanted to teach a class without any tools so you can use the skills anywhere whether at home or while traveling at the hotel, airport or on the beach.

What is the format of my Couples Massage Class?

I follow the customized menu and demonstrate each technique and have one work on their partner, then switch roles. 

I point out anything they can improve along the way because everyone is different in size and strength. A small change in things like the pace, angle of the hand and how you stand can drastically improve the massage experience for both the giver and the receiver. 

And most importantly, I make it fun. 

What people say about my Couples Massage Class?

I have taught couple hundreds and they gave me generous feedbacks. I want to share so many but here are some:

“I think that the use of these massage techniques can bring a couple closer together and improve one’s quality of life. I would recommend these techniques for anyone who has the desire to live a full life.”

“I can already appreciate what this class will do for my health and my relationship!”

“A transformational experience for myself and wife that is love focused.”

“We used to fight often but we haven’t had fights since your massage class.” The last one was after 5 months of taking the class.

Who is this for?

My Couples Massage Class is for couples who want to improve their massage skills and communication skills, who want to add caring touch in their daily life, who want an excuse to touch your partner, who want to connect with their partner in a different way, and for someone who want to contribute to their partner.  

Who is this not for?

The class is not for someone who doesn’t like massage. There are people who do not like to be touched and you need to honor their preference and boundary. The class is not for someone who wants a massage therapist license. For that you have to go to a massage school.  The class is not for someone who does not want to give to their partner. For that I think you need a different kind of therapy.

Will this replace a professional massage?

No. You can decide your own length but I don’t expect you to give a full 60 or 90-minute massages. Leave those long massages to professional massage therapists. 

If you get a professional massage on a regular basis, which I recommend, let’s say you have a baseline of your health here. And you get this much better after the massage. If you massage each other at home, you will raise the baseline of your health. And when you go to get a massage, you will be much better. So you will be much healthier overall. 

I say massage is like cooking. You go to a very expensive restaurant to eat the food prepared by a chef who’s gone to a cooking school, or go to inexpensive restaurants, or learn to cook a home meal to share with your loved ones. Just like cooking, you can go to an expensive spa to get a massage by a professional massage therapist who has gone to a massage school, or go to an inexpensive massage place, or learn to massage at home to share your love. 

Where do I teach?

I have been teaching in person in Orange County in California. However, I have figured out how I can teach online via Zoom. 

Starting January 11th, 2022, I will be offering my Private Couples Massage Class and possibly a group class later on Zoom so you can learn from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. That’s my announcement.

You can contact me via my website to schedule your private couples massage class or if you have any questions. I will put the link below.

Learn more about the Couples Massage Class

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